“This has changed my life.”

“This curriculum is great, and we’re going to use it.”

Such was the feedback from another successful ISP Convocation in Antigua, Guatemala, this past November. Of the 23 regions in Guatemala, ISP has held convocations in 21 of them. Most recently, teams traveled to Antigua and Xela, or Quetzaltenango.

Skid, an ISP team leader, was impressed with the response of the teachers. “It makes you really want to do more Convocations. It was a powerful conference.”  

The purpose of this Convocation was to introduce an ethics curriculum to the Guatemalan educators and help them start local teacher groups. At the heart of the conference were the small groups, where the teachers and facilitators shared more intimately about what they were learning.

In all three workshops, teachers worked cooperatively to plan, prepare, and present one lesson from the curriculum. Their enthusiasm was contagious as small groups demonstrated a lesson or a component of a selected lesson and collaborated with other teachers to develop a Plan of Action for their schools.

And the conference was just the beginning. It served as a catalyst. Key ISP volunteers and staff will follow up with the teachers who expressed interest in working with ISP long-term. They will connect with these teachers and launch local teacher communities for future collaboration and development.

At the closing ceremonies, a representative from the Regional Director of Education expressed his gratitude to ISP.  He also challenged those present to use the curriculum in their classrooms, saying, To transform Guatemala, we need to work with the young people, who are the future leaders in our country.

In their own words:

“The conference was impactful in my personal life. We can study and discover new knowledge to apply in our personal lives, family life and the lives of our students.”

“Thank you to all for your interest and for your love to teach us.”

Contributing author: Hayley Newsom

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