World Impact
ISP is currently active in:
  • Albania
  • Cambodia
  • Zimbabwe

Who We Are

ISP is an educational organization that provides professional training for teachers to help their students develop moral and ethical character and avoid destructive behaviors that harm them and society.

Reach a Teacher, Change the World

Teachers are strategic because they:

  • Influence students’ hearts at a teachable age
  • Have a new group of students every year, and often in multiple groups per day
  • Are respected, cultural role models
  • Influence the moral fiber of society
Partnerships with Ministries of Education

The Desire for a Moral Compass – Educational officials understand their societies pay a high cost when students are involved with drugs, alcohol, gangs, or promiscuity. The International School Project helps teachers motivate youth to avoid those destructive behaviors. While respecting the worldview of those with whom we work, we present moral principles that stem from a traditional, Christian view point.

Training Events

DreamMakers: A training conference where 100 to 200 educators receive professional growth instruction, and are introduced to the DreamMakers/DreamBreakers curriculum. A team of 10 to 20 Westerners serves as small group facilitators to help the national teachers and administrators become familiar with lessons that help them and their students deal with social challenges such as drugs, inappropriate relationships, and alcohol. Open to first-time applicants as well as alumni.

Teacher Community Groups

ISP trains teachers to form local groups that meet for encouragement, and to carry out plans to reach the educational system in their city and surrounding area. National leaders are able to sustain this momentum with minimal coaching and resources.