The ISP curricula address current professional needs in the educational community. Teachers use the curricula to expose both children and their parents to life-changing truths. International School Project has developed three unique curricula that address the various needs of educators and their students.


DreamMakers-DreamBreakers was created to address the pressing social issues of drug and alcohol abuse, and promiscuity.

The story of three students and their grandmothers is like a scarlet thread that holds the curriculum together. The teacher also uses a secret box taking the grandmothers’ letters and unusual objects out of it. Convincing lessons and vivid characters make lessons interesting and memorable.

Lessons  include:
DreamMakers DreamBreakers

  • Imagine Your Life
  • What Do You Want in A Mate?
  • Benefits of Drug Abstinence
  • The Media Unmasked

Contains 6 units and 33 lessons. Interactive exercises, role games, and demonstrations instead of lectures and moralizing. Additional materials to every lesson and Unit 6 are supplementary resources based on biblical verses and moral values that help students understand difficult life situations better. Students are offered potential spiritual resources to avoid dangerous behaviors.

Shaping Your Child’s Future
Difficult political transitions have a devastating effect on families. Parents often neglect, or even abdicate, their role of leadership in the home and passively relinquished it to the State. In time, their moral authority over their children is eroded and their ability to be effective parents was lost. In 2008, prominent Ukrainian educators asked ISP to develop a curriculum that would enable them to help parents be more effective again. Shaping Your Child’s Future is designed for parents to help restore their authority in the home and give them practical tools to develop their parenting skills. More curriculum