What Can I Learn From Tech Savvy Teachers?

Author: Rich Atkinson

George Pearce makes learning fun and interactive on a grand scale. The 7th and 8th-grade math, science, and STEM Teacher from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada hosted a virtual Kahoot! game with 2,000 students across his province last December.

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Of course, you don’t need to invite that many people to your Kahoot competition, yet what makes Kahoot a great choice for all teachers is that you can cater it to your subject: geography, art, history, math, science, or English. George suggests a quiz with 15 to 20 questions.

But what if I’m not a tech-savvy teacher? Read on to find easy-to-use resources!

15 Best Kahoot Ideas and Tips for Teachers. This article describes how you can get started even if you have never used Kahoot! It offers resources for ready-to-play quizzes and a free Kahoot template.

Also, learn from other teachers who are tech-savvy. Matt Miller’s book, Tech Like A Pirate may help. He has written it for those who consider themselves “tech terrified.”

Jennifer Gonzalez leads the pack in technology. Listen to her hour-long webinar: The Tech-Empowered Teacher, Presented by Jennifer Gonzalez of The Cult of Pedagogy

In her webinar, she says that technology can help your teaching in four ways:

  • Increases academic rigor by improving the cognitive level of lessons
  • Creates more customization in student learning
  • Gives you more connection with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Gives you more time

So whether you are “tech terrified” or tech-savvy, think about adding one tech tool this quarter. What area of your teaching do you want to improve? Do you want more rigor, customization, connection, or time? What tool may be the best one to help?

Matt Miller’s website offers blogs on a variety of topics and tech tools, including:

  • Remote Learning
  • Gamification
  • Google Ideas
  • Lesson Planning
  • Microsoft Edu
  • Tech Like a Pirate
  • Virtual Field Trips

Subscribe to Matt’s weekly teaching ideas and three free Ebooks.

He also has free templates and tips to help you learn something today and implement it tomorrow in your classroom.

While not necessarily just tech-oriented, Cube for Teachers is a Global Educators Network with access to more than 95,000 resources from educators worldwide. Share, collaborate, and connect with teachers from your field around the globe.

Adding tech tools to your classroom just to use technology is not the goal, but equipping students to learn, grow, and have fun.


1) Tech Tools for Teachers to use with Students

2) Tech Tools for Teachers to use with Teachers

  • Twitter Chats with teachers in your field.

See the official Twitter Education Chat schedule at Cybraryman.com/chats.html.

3) Tech Tools for Teachers to connect with Parents

  • Signup.com (Recruit parent volunteers to help with field trips).
  • Bloomz.net (Use this for sending announcements. This is more robust than signup).

4) Tech Tools for Students to use with other Students

  • Instagram and Twitter accounts. Teachers can empower students to learn and post to platforms. Parents can stay connected, too. One student can be in charge of posting each week.

5) Other Resources


Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Be a Better Teacher. Live a Meaningful Life.

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