Ukraine: Stopping Manipulation in the classroom

The February Manipulation Conference in Ukraine was a success. Neither COVID-19 restrictions nor slippery roads prevented the group from holding the conference. 

Conferences such as these provide open doors for deeper spiritual discussions.  


Says Anna, one of the conference leaders: “Friends, thanks to the Lord: [it was a] success! On February 25, we conducted a face-to-face, live seminar called “Stop Manipulation” (a conference dealing with media and other influences that seek to manipulate audiences). 

“It was so joyful and touching to work as a [ISP Ukraine] team, communicate in small groups,  exchange experiences, demonstrate and work out skills to counter manipulation. Although in the photos we are wearing masks, our eyes glow with sincere joy.”  

“In general, we felt that our listeners had a thirst for spiritual topics,” Anna says. “Some of them held the Bible for the first time. There was a desire to understand and read the Bible. Of course, anyone who wanted a Bible, received one!

Teachers want to continue to study this topic, its different aspects. Clearly, this topic should be in a number of seminars.”  

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