Showing "JESUS" on the Small screen

From Mongolia

“Even online God is able to touch people with the good news. I have seen their reactions and it is very inspiring!” says Yarik, a staff member with ISP in Ukraine.


The JESUS film has always been an important part of International School Project convocations.


During the lockdowns, the ISP team in Ukraine moved their conferences online and found a way to share this powerful film with the attendees–through the app.

The teachers received a link and watched the film on their phone or computer. Afterward, they met on Zoom to discuss what they saw. 


Teachers have responded positively to watching the film and gathering later to discuss it. Between 30 and 40 people attend each meeting.


“These questions are helping us help them think deeply where they are,” Sasha said. “We don’t give them a chance to stay in the grey zone. You are here or there and you need to make your choice.” 

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