Russian Teachers' Retreat Inspires Educators

“Together with my colleagues I can develop a plan of spiritual and moral education for] the students,” said a Russian teacher who recently attended an International School Project Teachers’ Retreat in Russia.


Yuliya, an elementary school teacher, joined the ISP teachers’ community three years ago. As she prepared for the Christian teachers’ retreat, she prayed and invited two of her peers. 

One of them immediately said yes. The other declined. Yuliya continued praying for her colleague, and later the teacher decided to come. 


Overall, 32 educators—preschool teachers, and college professors, plus principals and vice-principals from 15 locations—attended the retreat. Four of them were just beginning their spiritual journey. 


After discussing innovative teaching methods and listening to inspirational speakers, the educators considered ways they can become the light of the world and the salt of the earth to their students during the coming year. 


Yuliya’s colleague, impressed with the teaching methods she learned, told Yuliya that she gained a renewed passion for teaching. 


One of the teachers said, “I received detailed instructions that will help me reach out to people in need and to consider different cultures and respect traditions of different nations.”

A non-Christian principal, initially skeptical about attending a Christian event, came with her daughter who had recently invited Christ into her life. When the event ended, the principal said it was the best conference she had ever attended. 


After the retreat, the math teachers incorporated into their classrooms a problem-solving technique they learned, and then they shared their experiences in a group chat using social media. 

When Yuliya’s friend told the other teachers at their school all about the retreat, one of the teachers asked if she could come to next year’s retreat. She wanted to learn more about teaching, and she wanted to meet the Christian teachers.


This event strengthened relationships within the teachers’ community because they invited their friends to join them and learn more about their faith. 

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