Growing Disciples in Guam

At the last minute, Barb decided to attend ISP’s Movement Launch Training (MLT).
Within days of the 2019 training, Barb and Joaline had discussed all five of the Basic Faith conversations. The first five lessons explain how to begin, maintain, and live out your relationship with God. Within a few weeks, both finished all 14 follow-up lessons!

Russian Grandmother Places Her Faith in Christ

“I really want to pray before talking so that God would guide the conversations,” Irina told the women in her Russian teachers’ Bible study.

The teachers in the group each chose an area they wanted God to develop in their lives. Natasha said, “I want to be a good example for others in sharing my faith, and I want to pray more for those around me.”

The following week, Irina received a message that Galina, the grandmother of one of her students, had called.

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