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Celebrating 30 Years!

Celebrating 30 Years Thirty years ago, in 1991, ISP launched its first teacher conference where volunteers and ISP staff presented an ethics curriculum requested by educational leaders in Russia. Since its inception, ISP has been “Equipping Educators to Change the World.” These educators have reached out to their colleagues, their students, and their parents to

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Valentine’s Blog Post 2021

Qualities to Look for in a Romantic Partner Do you remember your first crush? Why were you attracted to them? At the time perhaps it was based on something superficial, or perhaps it related to a character quality that impressed you. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we think about the quality of our romantic relationships. Everyone

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Teaching Online? Try Using Storyboards

Teaching Online? Try Using Storyboards Guest post by Pam Everly, mA TESOL Storyboard Lesson Plans When I teach face-to-face, I arrive at the classroom early to prepare. This helps me to use time better because everything is ready when I need it in class. But when our university suddenly switched to online learning, I felt

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Help, My First-Graders Are Out of Control!

Help! My First-Graders Are Out of Control! Someone once said, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.” If you teach a classroom full of young children, you are a hero! But do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Do you ever wonder how to effectively manage small people with even smaller attention spans? Learn more

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Is gratitude the answer when you are feeling depressed?

Is gratitude the answer? People in the United States celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday at the end of every November. But it will probably look vastly different this year. The pandemic squashed tradition. Even if families meet this year, some will be missing due to death and illness. Food may be less bountiful because of lost

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DreamMakers-DreamBreakers Curriculum

The Boy who skipped school How one teacher, using ISP materials, helped a student turn his life around Luckson, a tech teacher in Harare, Zimbabwe, taught DreamMaker-DreamBreaker lessons on Friday afternoons to students. Luckson smiled as he described what happened after attending a DreamMaker Conference last year in Zimbabwe, his home country. In Harare, Luckson,

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Portrait of Merced who teaches English in Ecuador.

Locked Down but not Shut Down

Going Deeper Merced, a high school English teacher in Manta, Ecuador, has met weekly with Sherry, an ISP team member who works in Quito. Merced wanted to grow personally as well as learn more English. She began participating in mentoring conversations with Sherry. Now during their weekly Zoom meetings, Sherry coaches Merced in personal growth

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Back to school? What are schools doing around the world?

Schools look different wherever you Go With the COVID-19 crisis far from over, you might be curious to know what “back to school” looks like. What are schools doing around the world? In the Netherlands, some schools have installed plexiglass shields around students’ desks and had hand sanitizer dispensers readily available. In Australia, COVID-19 measures

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Back to school? 6 tips to help teachers and their students

Around the world in many countries, teachers are heading back to their classrooms this month. Here are several tips to help you navigate the “COVID-19 classroom.” Be flexible. What works for one school or one city may not work for you. You may still teach online for the first part of the school year, or

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How a mother learned to listen to her daughter

Masha, a teacher, established an indulgent parenting style with her daughter, Nadya, so they  could maintain a good relationship. She thought that by giving Nadya everything she wanted, she was being a good parent. But this parenting style produced the opposite effect.  When Masha tried to help her daughter with her homework, they clashed and

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Being a teacher can be lonely

“The first year, I cried a lot. I had big problems. For me, the first year was terrible.” Such was Lumturi’s experience at her new position at an Albanian school. Though a seasoned English teacher of 25 years, she faced challenges both at home and in the classroom. Lumturi is not alone. Bumps happen along

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Mongolian students learn that they need each other

Eighty teachers who came to the DreamMakers Conference also attended a one-day seminar for additional professional training. All of these teachers had five years or less of teaching experience. One of the elementary teachers enthusiastically shared she had already used lesson 10: “We Need Each Other” in her classroom. It is a lesson on teamwork

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Flabbergasted by Forgiveness

What did you teach my son? I can’t believe the difference in him. He has changed so much,“ the boy’s mother expressed in bewilderment. “The only thing I can attribute it to was that lesson on forgiveness,” the teacher said. Before the boy heard the lesson on forgiveness, he and his brother did not get along.

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Becoming a Good Teacher

“When I was a little kid, my teacher punched me many times. So I thought I want to be a teacher, but I don’t want to be a bad teacher like her. I want to be a good teacher,” says Norma. Norma teaches high school in Guatemala City and volunteers with ISP. Her dream to

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