Frequently Asked Questions About ISP Trips

You will be part of a team that engages teachers in professional training designed to meet felt needs in the classroom. You will be assigned a small group of teachers whom you will guide, lead, and love. Through your interpreter, you will help them interact with a new curriculum. You will also be trained how to share your own personal story using a simple graphic called a Life Map. By the end of the conference, you will be recommending teachers you believe are ready for more in-depth spiritual exposure and training by local leaders after your ISP team leaves. Training will be provided on-site, so that you will be thoroughly prepared for your role!

You do not have to be a teacher to participate! ISP is looking for mature Christians to go and serve. If this is your first trip, our staff will provide an application for you to complete, along with two reference forms.

Within a week or two of your acceptance onto the trip, you will receive your digital or hard copy ISP Trip Notebook. This provides valuable information that will answer questions regarding finances, developing a prayer and support team, your role, travel and logistics. You may also want to check out our Travel Tips page

Approximately a month before the trip, you will receive materials to study so that you will be familiar with the content and schedule of the conference(s).

In the event of a health crisis while you are on the trip, ISP provides SOS insurance for medical evacuation purposes. Be sure and check with your insurance provider to know if you are covered for international travel. Immunization requirements are specific to each country. Go to the Center for Disease Control for requirements and suggestions per country.

ISP will arrange housing for the team. Usually, hotels are air-conditioned and are considered very nice for the area. Meals are arranged with the hotel, and bottled water is supplied for each team member.

Some of the ISP delegates pay for their own trip, while others develop a team of ministry partners to cover all or part of the trip costs. The ISP Trip Notebook will give you ideas on how to develop this team.

You, as a small group facilitator, play a vital role in helping the national staff/volunteers identify whether the teachers in your group are interested in taking the next step in their professional or spiritual growth. You will partner with a local leader to help interested group members get involved in a teacher community after your ISP team leaves the country. You may also be able to return in the future to help facilitate leadership and mentoring events.