April 2022 Update

Author: Rich Atkinson


Special Delivery: Homemade cookies help open doors in Guam

ISP-trained teachers in Guam were so excited they couldn’t wait. So they began their Easter outreach a day early. Six teachers distributed “goodie bags” to 119 teachers and administrators in several schools. The bags included homemade cookies with a personal invitation to join a teacher community and connect with other teachers. Also, the bags had a card with contact information attached. Joaline baked more than 200 cookies for the outreach.

As teachers like Jane distributed the “goodie bags,” they saw the smiles on the faces of the teachers receiving the gifts. This simple gesture opened the door for conversation and allowed the teachers to connect with their colleagues now and in the future.

Ormie, a head start teacher, delivered 39 bags of cookies, including 20 to her colleagues and another 19 to other head start teachers in her district.

After all, who doesn’t like cookies? “Anytime is cookie time.”


Jotina encourages isolated children in Zimbabwe

Some of the children can’t speak, but they can hear. Jotina noticed the four isolated learners and chose to eat lunch with them. These children eat, learn, and play with each other away from the other students.

Jotina teaches at Warren Park 6 Primary School in Western Harare, Zimbabwe. She watched how the children changed as she began spending time with them, caring for them, and encouraging them. For one thing, their school attendance skyrocketed. Also, their broad smiles displayed that they felt accepted and loved.

“I am really enjoying spending time with the children,” she says.

Everyone needs to know God and others love them.


Starting spiritual conversations with refugees at the border in Moldova

“Our staff and teachers in Moldova are exhausted from receiving refugees. They hear the explosions in nearby Ukraine.”

Teachers use Soularium, an outreach tool with photos, to engage in conversations with refugees at the border.


“A Teacher Influences Eternity” access event

“It’s very scary to be responsible for eternity,” said a school psychologist who attended an ISP access outreach seminar in Russia. Access events like this A Teacher Influences Eternity seminar help teachers rub shoulders with their colleagues. This gives them the opportunity to have deep discussions on matters of the heart.

Russia NLTM

Seventeen ISP leaders gathered around tables pushed together into the shape of a “u” inside while the snow swirled outside. Seven other leaders joined their meeting virtually via Zoom. Welcome to the 2022 National Leadership Team Meeting in Russia. During the meeting, they reviewed what has taken place in ISP Russia since last July. Here is a snapshot of the January through July projects:

  • 59 professional development seminars or webinars.
  • 4 Christmas events with teachers.
  • 7 presentations about ISP in new cities.


The mission is expanding in Mongolia

“In March, a Mongolian team went on a trip to expand to a new city southwest of Ulaanbaatar in central Mongolia. They had an event for 100 college students who will graduate as teachers this spring and met with the Minister of Education. As a result, they found 14 key (new) teachers, shared the vision of reaching teachers, and started a Teachers’ Community.

Rich Atkinson

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