Listen for God’s work!

Reflecting on Lesson 4:

Did the questions you ASKED allow you to have a heart-to-heart conversation?

How did people respond to those deeper questions?

How would some of those discussions enable you to transition to a spiritual conversation?

The Bible tells us to, “be quick to hear, slow to speak…” James 1:19

Listening to others allows you to be SALT and LIGHT. If you are quiet and listen carefully, you can demonstrate empathy and understanding, hear what is on the other person’s heart, and notice ways you could bring spiritual truth into the conversation. We also need to listen to God as He directs us in the conversation.

This week, have further conversations with the colleagues for whom you are praying, possibly referring to something they said last week. (For example, “I’ve been thinking about what you said…”) Ask God to help you listen well and hear what is on their hearts.

Colossians 4:3

At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ, on account of which I am in prison— (read more)

Spirit-led listening:

  • Ask God to show you their spiritual condition.
  • Ask Him to show you an entry point for the Gospel.
  • Ask Him to direct you on how to respond.

Did they say anything that:

  • shows their need for God?
  • reveals a desire to know God?
  • would be a door to share the Good News?
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