Our Approach

Whatever your role in education — whether you are a school principal, a classroom teacher, a counselor/psychologist, an educational leader, or a community partner — we want to come alongside you.

ISP equips and empowers educators like you to change the world by:

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We give you educational resources and training to equip you to be a stronger leader in the educational community.


Partnerships with Ministries of Education

We have a 30-year history of partnering with local educational leaders and national ministries of education in order to deliver seminars, curricula, or other resources that meet the needs of youth in your country. The whole culture of my school has changed from the time the teachers spent with your people. The teachers are more confident and secure. I can’t thank you enough. — School Principal in Lebanon

Seminars & Workshops

ISP offers local and international seminars and workshops where educators grow professionally and learn about some of our training methodology and resources. For some events, teams of 10 to 20 North Americans serve as small group facilitators. As a teacher, I felt tired and burned out. But at the seminar you gave me new motivation. I want to keep working at my school. I want to support and help my colleagues and motivate them. The curricula you presented are very relevant and very significant. — Teacher who attended an ISP seminar



Educational Materials

We provide you with educational tools that meet your needs.

Are you a classroom teacher who wants to inspire students to make goals for their lives and avoid obstacles?

Are you a school counselor/psychologist who needs resources to help you connect with parents?

Or are you looking for other educational materials that address a current need in your country?

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Community: ISP provides a platform and strategy to help you connect with your colleagues and other groups of educators for the purpose of professional and personal development.


Teacher Community Groups

ISP helps teachers form local groups of teachers who meet for professional development, exchange of ideas and experiences, encouragement, and community. Together, teachers develop strategies to positively influence the schools in their city and surrounding areas.
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When you reach a teacher, you can change the world. One teacher who joins a community of confident and empowered teachers can find the energy to continue teaching and have an impact on thousands of students and their families year after year.


Transferable Resources

Our resources and tools are transferable. We want you to share them with teachers at your school or other leaders in your educational community. Then they can use those resources with others in their spheres of influence. When you use an ISP lesson with your students that focuses on “Building Dreams,” you have the potential to influence the next generation of leaders. When you use an ISP parenting resource during a parent-teacher meeting, you are building connections with the broader community. Together, we can help you change the world!

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