Cómo crear decoraciones navideñas para el salón de clases con un presupuesto limitado.

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You walk into a familiar room, but today it’s very different. Your eyes perk up at the sight of new colors and images. A smile stretches across your face.
Imagine your children experiencing this joyful surprise when they enter the classroom. They can see their everyday surroundings with fresh eyes. 

Affordable classroom decorations for Christmas

Most importantly, the thought put into the decorations reveals something even more important: love.

The drawback? Christmas decorations can be expensive – but they don’t need to be. In fact, “cheap” decorations can be more meaningful. Let’s look at a few ideas to get you started for elementary age students.

Let Students Decorate

Materials: construction paper, tape

Consider giving your students the honor of decorating their own classroom – a technique that also saves you time.

You could ask your class to cut Christmas tree shapes from green construction paper. First, ask them to write their name across the middle of the tree. Then they can cut out small circles of different colors to represent ornaments, which they would glue onto their trees. Let them choose their own colors so each creation is unique, just like your students.

Other paper crafts could depict snowflakes or snowmen, which could stay up all winter. For snowmen, perhaps let the students pick their own colors for scarves or hats. Younger children could use crayons to add simple details, while older children could use colored pencils or make small paper cutouts to add more detail.

Use Nature

Materials: leaves

If you live near any kind of green plant or tree, you can use natural greenery to decorate the edges of your blackboard. It can also adorn your doorway, serving as a natural garland. Look for greens that have already fallen down, or just take small snips from a single plant.

If you live in a northern climate near pine trees, you can collect some and use them as decorations on your desk or other surfaces. Dusting on some white paint or powder would add the appearance of snow.

Wrap Existing Decorations

Materials: wrapping paper, tape, ribbon

Do you have posters, maps, or diagrams hanging on the wall? Consider covering them with gift wrap for the Christmas season. One roll of paper could go a long way, allowing you to transform multiple wall hangings into festive displays. To decorate the smaller details of your classroom, consider making bows with gift ribbon to adorn doorknobs or your desk supplies.

Remember, Christmas is meant to be a joyful and peaceful time, but sometimes we place too much pressure on ourselves. So, don’t stress over your decorations. Your students will love anything you plan.

Depending on where you live, the end of the year can also be difficult if you are working to finish grading or other tasks. If you feel overwhelmed, check out our tips to avoid anxiety.

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