Gifts Principals Might Give Their Teachers

Meaningful Christmas Presents

The Christmas season offers an opportunity for cheerful wishes and joyful traditions. It’s a time of the year when many unite seeking peace and hope for the days to come. During these December months, gifts are often exchanged to express our gratitude for friendship and deep care for those we love. Teachers also welcome presents at Christmas.

Christmas Gift

So, what does a principal or other administrative staff give teachers during the holiday? How can non-teaching school personnel offer meaningful Christmas presents to those who teach? It’s easy to find gifts that demonstrate deep respect for these dedicated men and women we work alongside.

Here are some ideas sure to touch the heart of teachers everywhere.

  1. A Handmade Thank You.
    If budgets are tight, a simple handwritten card with a candy cane for your teachers is a way to express true gratitude. This is also meaningful if you include specific examples of how the employee has made a difference in your school.
  2. Gift Cards.
    During the Christmas season, teachers receive more coffee mugs than they can count, as well as limitless chocolates and treats. Often the best way to treat a teacher is with a gift card from a local coffee shop or their favorite store. It’s not about the monetary value attached—enough for one cappuccino still shows gratitude. The gift card represents a way the teacher can simply treat themselves after a long day in the classroom.
  3. A Researched Gift.
    You don’t have to spend piles of money to find the right Christmas present for your child’s teacher. Do a bit of homework and consider sending an email to their family to discover the teacher’s hobbies or passions. Showing you care enough to give a well-chosen gift they will love is a way to tell your staff how important they are to you.
  4. A Meal.
    On the last day before Christmas break, have a meal delivered for all your teachers, along with a small plant they can either take home or place in their classrooms.
  5. Relaxation for Women.
    Another gift idea for the teachers you oversee would be to offer presents that prompt rest and relaxation. From the softest blanket to the coziest socks, consider gifts that encourage teachers to take a few minutes in their day to breathe. For women, candles or aromatherapy lotions offer small moments of respite from difficult, exhausting days.
  6. Gadgets for Male Teachers.
    Many guys may not feel the need for spa products, so consider small techy gifts or something for their automobile. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with an iTunes or Amazon gift card.

One other important consideration: Before presenting the teachers you love with Christmas gifts, take note of any specific rules and regulations designated by your school board.

Whatever gift you choose for your staff, know that any offering of gratitude will be valued. Gifts tell teachers they are appreciated and valued. It represents an acknowledgment for the long, tireless days, and mountains of work they tackle. These offerings remind teachers they are seen and known.

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