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When Flu Took Out the Teachers

A Substitute’s Story: When Flu Took Out the Teachers

Entering a classroom unexpectedly can cause anxiety for all involved. Children may respond with confusion, fear, or misbehavior. Use a calm voice, even if you feel nervous and uncertain. Your confidence will assure the students and set the tone for the day.

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New Kid

When I was the New Kid on Staff

Joining a new organization can be exciting, providing a fresh start, and hopefully, new friends. Yet, being a newcomer on an educational team also has its drawbacks.

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Should I Date My Colleague?

Having feelings for a coworker isn’t a new problem. But deciding whether to act on these feelings can feel scary. While everyone’s situation is a little different, there are two categories that you should think about before jumping in.

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Tips to Set Up Your Substitute for Success

A sudden illness or family emergency does not have to disrupt your classroom routine. Simple pre-planning can enable a substitute to step in with ease. Here are ten tips to help your substitute succeed in your absence.

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Kid's Slang

Keeping Up with Student Slang

With hundreds of students passing you in the school halls, you hear slang much more than parents or other adults. Rather than ignore or reject these new phrases, it’s vital to (at the very least) understand their definitions.

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