Helping Students Cope with the Traumas of War

Helping Students Cope with the Traumas of War Author: Lauren Craft The sound was unforgettable. Zara* was sitting in class listening to her teacher, as she did every day. Then a loud sound pierced her ears as the room shook. The cause was not immediately clear. Panic filled her veins. Students and teachers rushed outside.

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Simple Ways to Blend Moral Values in Your Teaching

Simple Ways to Blend Moral Values in Your Teaching Author: Beth Lueders Learning is a process and can truly be a joy of discovery for children of all ages. As a teacher, you have the privilege of directing your students to understand new concepts and facts that they can use for good the rest of their

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Respite and Rhythms of Rest

Respite and Rhythms of Rest Author: Beth Runkle As a teacher, you might have a plant in your classroom. It brings a sense of life to a school atmosphere and helps you and your students feel at home. Imagine yourself as one of two different plants. One has dropped most of its crinkly, withering leaves

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Telling Students You Are Leaving

Ten Ways to Tell Students You’re Leaving Author: Beth Runkle “What, you’re leaving?” my students said. They had a hard time accepting the fact that I would be teaching at another school because my husband’s work had relocated my family. Students who have bonded with a teacher can face real anxiety knowing that their beloved

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Taiwan Teachers Launch ISP in a New Asian Country

Taiwan Teachers Launch ISP in a New Asian Country Taiwan’s virtual conference opens a new Asian country for ISP Last summer, a kindergarten teacher from neighboring Asian country attended a virtual DreamMaker Conference in Taiwan. Since then, she has connected with kindergarten teachers all across her country. As a result, Taiwan hosted two large virtual

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Building Up Marriages in Albania

Helping Teachers’ Marriages in Albania In 2014, the Albanian ISP team began offering events and programs to help teachers with their personal and professional needs. In March, teachers came to one of these events, led by Albanian nationals. Sixty-five couples from seven cities across Albania went to the Mystery & Model (Blueprints) of Marriage Conference.

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What Can I Learn From Tech Savvy Teachers?

What Can I Learn From Tech Savvy Teachers? George Pearce makes learning fun and interactive on a grand scale. The 7th and 8th-grade math, science, and STEM Teacher from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada hosted a virtual Kahoot! game with 2,000 students across his province last December. Of course, you don’t need to invite that many people

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Update: April 2022

April 2022 Update Guam Special Delivery: Homemade cookies help open doors in Guam ISP-trained teachers in Guam were so excited they couldn’t wait. So they began their Easter outreach a day early. Six teachers distributed “goodie bags” to 119 teachers and administrators in several schools. The bags included homemade cookies with a personal invitation to

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Cambodian Educators Form Nationwide Network

Recently, Cambodia has been on lockdown because of COVID-19. Yet, educators who belong to the Cambodia Teachers’ Community (CTC), a network of teachers across the country, have continued to meet online for training sessions and to encourage each other.

This year, teachers discussed Project-Based Learning, effective online teaching, and using Bloom’s Taxonomy to write learning objectives for each lesson plan.

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A Cry For Help: Are You Listening?

“Globally, Every 40 seconds one person dies by suicide. That translates to 800,000 deaths annually.”

“In the U.S., suicide is the second leading cause of death for people age 10 thru 34.”

“In 2019, there were an estimated 1.38 million suicide attempts in the U.S. resulting in 47,511 deaths.”

“One death occurs for every twenty attempted suicides worldwide”

These statistics indicate that people are crying out for help. So how can educators help?

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Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

Most people go into teaching to help others. Unfortunately, many teachers give and give without first making sure they have their personal resources in place. The results can be disastrous for teachers, their students, and the other people in their lives. However, by observing some basic principles of self-care, teachers can avoid many of the pitfalls that lure them into overextending themselves and burning out.

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Ukraine Teacher Encourages Her Peers

Irina has always loved children. Her heart for them began when, as a single woman, she adopted four children. After becoming a mother, she switched from teaching English a university to teaching English in an elementary school. 

 ”After the kids appeared in my life, I started thinking about working closer to home,” Irina said. “When my mother and father passed away, this necessity became urgent.”

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