Help! My First-Graders Are Out of Control!

Someone once said, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.” If you teach a classroom full of young children, you are a hero! But do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever wonder how to effectively manage small people with even smaller attention spans? 

Help, My First-Graders Are Out of Control!

Learn more about 5 ways that you can more effectively guide your children and avoid common mistakes. 

  1. Establish Clear rules and expectations of students. This goes a long way in maintaining classroom control. At the beginning of the year, go over your expectations. Have these rules and expectations posted up in the front of your classroom. 

2. Focus on the positive. An experienced teacher modeled this to me. She corrected her students this way: instead of telling the energetic boys in the class, “Don’t Run!” She said, “Please walk!” You are saying the same thing, but in a positive way with a smile and a gentle voice instead of a harsh tone

3. Personally connect with your students through what they are interested in and how they learn. Are they auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners? Try to include all three of these in your lessons.  

4. Show your passion for teaching by maintaining energy, hooking them with something interesting as you begin your lesson and varying how you teach.

5. Continue learning about the subjects you are teaching. Study teaching methods. Determine works well for you and what does not. If possible, find a mentor. 

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