How a mother learned to listen to her daughter

Masha, a teacher, established an indulgent parenting style with her daughter, Nadya, so they  could maintain a good relationship.

She thought that by giving Nadya everything she wanted, she was being a good parent. But this parenting style produced the opposite effect. 

How a teacher learned to listen. (Picture by Caleb Oquendo)

When Masha tried to help her daughter with her homework, they clashed and anger erupted. Also, because Masha no longer preserved the authority figure role in her daughter’s life, Nayda began looking for approval from friends who had a negative influence on her. 

The mother and daughter’s relationship revived when Masha attended “Can I Really Teach My Child to Listen?” a seminar based on the lesson from ISP’s parent-teacher curriculum.

Masha learned the best approach to parenting. 

For example, Masha gained empathy for her daughter’s point of view when she role-played a student who had difficulty following the teacher’s clear and simple instructions. The lesson emphasized listening and clear communication.  

Now, Masha uses this lesson and others with educators —and with her daughter. 

ISP developed The Shape of Your Child’s Future as a nine-lesson resource for monthly parent-teacher conferences during the school year. Teachers use these lesson plans to build relationships with parents of their students. 

Each lesson builds upon the next. It begins with parents taking a survey about their parenting style with the goal of teaching parents to use a guiding style of parenting to train their children to adulthood. Topics include teaching your children to listen and how to avoid anger in disciplining. ISP worked with Ukrainian educators in 2011 to create this resource. 

The parenting curriculum improves communication between teachers and parents and between parents and their children. 

What is your parenting style?

There are four different approaches to parenting, as defined in this program, and research shows that one style in particular is the most effective. Which style is yours?

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