Is Your Influence Really Making a Difference?

Author: Tez Brooks

Make a Lasting Impression

As a school teacher, you have an incredibly challenging job. Interactions with students, parents, co-workers, supervisors, and more can wear you down. But you may wonder if you’re really making a difference. Coupled with low pay and long hours, you may feel undervalued and discouraged. Where do you find hope to avoid burnout so you can make a difference within your circles of influence?

Is Your Influence Really Making a Difference?

As a teacher, you face many challenges. Underappreciated, you deal with high pressure, low pay, and long hours. Yet, you chose this career because you have a love for teaching. Easier jobs don’t provide the satisfaction you gain from watching kids learn and grow in their academic pursuits. So, you press on.

Whether it feels this way or not, your job is a calling. It takes a special individual to fill the role of a teacher.

As a role model, your character must be above reproach. Paul in the Bible knew this. In one letter to a young teacher, he wrote, “In your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned . . .”

The world is filled with successful adults who can look back on their school days and still recall that special teacher who impacted their lives in a positive manner–the one who encouraged the hopeless kids, equipped those students stripped of opportunity, and brought fortitude to those pupils ready to give up.

You have a gift; it must be used. You carry a lot of power to make a lasting change in hundreds of individuals. Make a lasting impression in someone’s life today. For more encouragement check out Seven Reasons We Can be Thankful for Teachers.

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Tez Brooks

About the author: Tez Brooks is an Award-winning author, screenwriter, and international speaker. He has a passion for seeing God use film to help transform lives. He currently serves on our Communications team at ISP. Some of Tez’s work can be found in publications of Focus on the Family,, The Upper Room, Guideposts, Jesus Film Project, and more. His award-winning screenplay “Jangled,” can be viewed on the Jesus Film app. He and his wife Christine, have four children and have been full-time missionaries for over 30 years.

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