Seven Reasons We Can Be Thankful for Teachers

Author: Tez Brooks

Educators can change the lives of thousands of students. Did you know the average teacher impacts 3,000+ students during his or her career? Teachers are directly responsible for the academic success of their pupils. More than any other part of the education system, this role has the largest influence on their students’ success. What else can we be thankful for as we consider the educator’s role?

Reasons to thank teachers

Here are six more reasons.

  1. Teachers inspire young people to overcome obstacles. Many children face hurdles of varying kinds. Sometimes they struggle with difficult family environments. Maybe they are victims of poverty or wrestle with a learning disability. Whatever the obstacle, teachers can help them. According to one study, 54% of students said they received help from their teachers during a difficult time.
  2. Teachers teach students how to learn. Students learn much more than the alphabet and multiplication charts from their teachers. One study involving 570,000 pupils found that teachers who focused on improving their pupils’ motivation and ability to adapt to new environments saw huge benefits. Those pupils were more likely to graduate from upper-level schools than their peers. They also were less likely to face suspensions or delays in education.
  3. Teachers can be a support person when a child does not have that support at home. Many children are given wonderful, supportive parents. But sometimes, a child’s home life may be challenging. Educators can be the student’s advocate.
  4. Good teachers make kids feel loved and safe. This enables students to learn more effectively. “The science says to us that, in fact, the way the brain functions and grows, it needs safety, it needs warmth, it actually even needs hugs,” Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond said in an interview. “We actually learn in a state of positive emotion much more effectively than we can learn in a state of negative emotion. That has huge implications for what we do in schools.”
  5. Teachers can equip their pupils to be life-long learners. To love learning is one of the most important skills a teacher can pass on to his or her students. If a child learns to embrace new skills and pursue a challenge, that child can achieve incredible goals.
  6. Teachers are role models. Many students—around 75%— look up to their teachers as positive examples, according to one source.

Teachers, you are impacting the next generation, and we are thankful for you! You are changing the world. That is why the International School Project (ISP) exists. We believe that you are some of the most influential people in society. We can empower you to have an even greater impact. We encourage educators, equip them, and care for them. Together, we will make a difference. Learn more about how ISP equips teachers to change the world!

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