Russian Grandmother Places Her Faith In Christ

“I really want to pray before talking so that God would guide the conversations,” Irina told the women in her Russian teachers’ Bible study. 


The teachers in the group each chose an area they wanted God to develop in their lives. Irina and Natasha said they wanted to tell others about Jesus. Natasha said, “I want to be a good example for others in sharing my faith, and I want to pray more for those around me.”


The following week, Irina received a message that Galina, the grandmother of one of her students, had called.  

The next day, when Irina returned Galina’s call, she followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and shared Christ with Galina, who then prayed and asked Christ to forgive her sins and be Lord of her life. 

When Galina asked how she could tell her family about this, Irina explained how she could lead her grandchildren to Christ so that their whole household could believe.

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