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About Us

Teachers Change the World

Imagine a group of educators in every city and village who are changing the lives of their students and colleagues, and influencing their communities.

We provide educational resources, connect teachers with other educators, and equip them to leave a lasting impact on youth, other teachers, and society.

Why Teachers?

Worldwide there are….

2 billion students

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80+ million teachers

Teachers touch the hearts of their students at a young age. They influence families and the values of society. Teachers prepare their students to face future challenges and help lead their countries.

Did You Know?


Our Purpose

The International School Project equips educators with tools and training, and empowers them to influence their students, communities, and beyond.

Our History

ISP responds to the needs of educators around the world.

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The following map shows countries where the International School Project has provided workshops, materials, or other resources for educators.

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