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The International School Project invests in the lives of teachers. Our impact goes beyond the classroom and changes youth, families and societies all over the world.

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Changing the World
Through Teachers

Educators around the world have benefited from International School Project’s community-building approach, training events, and excellent curricula.


ISP at a Glance

Teachers who attend ISP educational conferences receive tools and curricula, and learn a methodology they can use in their classrooms.

As a teacher, I felt tired and burned-out as I was going to this seminar. But at the seminar, you gave me new motivation. I want to keep working at my school, I want to support and help my colleagues and motivate them. The curricula you presented are very relevant and very significant. I’m going to use DreamMakers-DreamBreakers with my students. – Conference attendee

ISP encourages teachers to form teacher communities to mentor, encourage, promote professional development, and create a positive environment for their colleagues.

When you are a teacher you know how hard it is to talk to children about [issues affecting their personal lives] when you are all by yourself and don’t get support from your colleagues. I understand that teacher communities can give me the support I need. – Russian teacher

Teachers who are equipped with ISP tools, resources, and training will realize that they have a tremendous platform to impact not only their classrooms, but colleagues, parents of students, and beyond.

I feel an urgency to share this curriculum . . .  I can’t let more time go by and allow another generation to be lost. – Teacher

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By the Numbers

Since 1991

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Teachers Trained

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30+ million

Students Impacted (est.)

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Training Events Per Year

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Trip Volunteers

2020 Numbers

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Active ISP Countries

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Cities Served

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Active Teacher Communities

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