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Will you give today to help Ukrainian teachers?

Teachers in Ukraine, now sitting in bunkers as air raid sirens sound, find themselves in the middle of a war zone.

Our ISP teachers are reaching out to their students and colleagues, and to their entire cities.

They have asked for tangible help. In addition to the normal needs such as Bibles and ministry materials, they are requesting training on helping students deal with trauma (a video series which in God’s providence we just completed), water, shoes, blankets, and shelter.

In light of this, we are raising emergency funds to help provide for both ministry and humanitarian aid for Ukrainian teachers, students, and schools.

Because we don’t know how the situation will play out, we must be prepared for anything. This could mean providing ongoing support for an extended length of time. This also includes the work of ISP teachers in neighboring countries who are deeply engaged in caring for the refugees, primarily women and children.