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Trip Discounts

There are several discounts available to applicants to help reduce the cost of your ISP trip.

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You may qualify for $100 off your trip cost if your non-refundable deposit of $200 or more is received, or if you have a credit balance, at least 90 days prior to the trip departure date.

NOTE: The Early Registration Discount may be combined with any ONE of the following discounts, whichever works best for you to get the greatest savings.


You may qualify for $100 off your Trip Cost if you have previously participated in an ISP Trip.


You may qualify for up to $500 off the cost of your second and subsequent trips if the trips take place during the same calendar year (discounts vary depending on the number of days of the trips). This discount does not apply to back-to-back trips where you do not return home between trips.


To encourage our volunteers to recruit others to go on an ISP trip, ISP offers $300 off your Base Trip Cost for each person you recruit who has not been on an ISP trip in at least two years. Special conditions must be met to receive this discount.

The Early Registration Discount is the only discount that may be combined with any of the other discounts. If you qualify for more than one of the other discounts, you must choose only one to be applied to your Trip Cost.