Mongolian Students Learn That They Need Each Other

Eighty teachers who came to the DreamMakers Conference also attended a one-day seminar for additional professional training. All of these teachers had five years or less of teaching experience. One of the elementary teachers enthusiastically shared she had already used lesson 10: “We Need Each Other” in her classroom.

Students working together in Mongolia

It is a lesson on teamwork where a group of four students is given six plastic cups and a rubber band tied to four pieces of string going in four different directions. The goal is for them to work together to stack the cups in a pyramid-shape. The little boy in the photo who is standing on the right has some learning and speaking disabilities and because of it, he has a hard time working with others. Yet, he had a big smile on his face because the group worked together and included him. His teacher said, “I am going to keep doing these (lessons). It just went really well.

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