Students And Parents

A 2022 British Council survey found that 79 percent of parents in Wales said teachers play a vital role in society. That’s got to make teachers feel good.

Books with Values

Protecting the innocent is a theme woven throughout the book through the characters.

Our teacher read “The Phantom Tollbooth” aloud to our class. Along the way, we gladly used our imaginations and entered into the story. We marveled at the endless wordplay.

Kid's Slang

With hundreds of students passing you in the school halls, you hear slang much more than parents or other adults. Rather than ignore or reject these new phrases, it’s vital to (at the very least) understand their definitions.

A computer chasm exists for students in rural, inner-city, and international settings with limited or no computer access. A public library or school may be the only place students can access computers.

Square Peg, Round Hole

Differentiated instruction is the process of tailoring lessons to meet each student’s individual interests, needs, and strengths. Teaching this way gives students choice and flexibility in how they learn, and helps teachers personalize the learning for each child.

In 2020, an estimated “two-thirds of school-aged students around the world didn’t have internet access.” Here are some solutions for those students without access to the internet at home.

Help Shy Students

Whether they are an introvert or just a bit shy, dealing with a quiet child can be a challenge. Here are six things you can do as a teacher to reach out and make students feel more at ease in your classroom.

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