Responding to your principal with kindness, and seeking two-way communication that speaks their language and seeks to understand should go a long way in mending your relationship.

Use Time Wisely

Educators, whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran, ramping up your time management skills allows you to catch your breath and make the best use of your time during free periods.

Dealing with difficult co-workers adds another level of stress to your already demanding career. The following are suggestions on how to handle difficult co-workers.

Encouragement for Teachers Who Feel Like a Failure

When failures start racking up, we may feel like quitting. Unfortunately, we don’t often realize our colleagues also feel frustration. We feel alone in the whole process. What can we do when we feel like a failure?

Exhausted, Sleepy Teacher

How do we manage our careers and our lives with wisdom?

Put on your own oxygen mask first

Most people go into teaching to help others. Unfortunately, many teachers give and give without first making sure they have their personal resources in place. The results can be disastrous for teachers, their students, and the other people in their lives. However, by observing some basic principles of self-care, teachers can avoid many of the pitfalls that lure them into overextending themselves and burning out.

School boys in class. (picture by Taylor Wilcox)

Administrators, are teachers at your school feeling overwhelmed? Are you concerned that some of them might stop teaching? If so, you are not alone. All around the world, educators deal with similar challenges. Administrators can provide a more empowering environment for their teachers and how teachers can do their part too.

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