Russian Grandmother Places Her Faith in Christ

“I really want to pray before talking so that God would guide the conversations,” Irina told the women in her Russian teachers’ Bible study.

The teachers in the group each chose an area they wanted God to develop in their lives. Natasha said, “I want to be a good example for others in sharing my faith, and I want to pray more for those around me.”

The following week, Irina received a message that Galina, the grandmother of one of her students, had called.

Russian Teachers’ Retreat Inspires Educators

“Together with my colleagues I can develop a plan of spiritual and moral education for] the students,” said a Russian teacher who recently attended an International School Project Teachers’ Retreat in Russia.

Yuliya, an elementary school teacher, joined the ISP teachers’ community three years ago.
As she prepared for the Christian teachers’ retreat, she prayed and invited two of her peers.

Teachers Learn How to Grow and Teach

“Dobro pozhalovat!”

David, the conference speaker greeted the teachers and thanked them for attending the Russian teachers’ conference.

The teachers, sitting around tables, stared at a variety of photos in front of them. As they looked, David asked two questions.

What card reflects the positive aspects of teaching?

What card reflects the difficult aspects of teaching?

A Cry For Help: Are You Listening?

“Globally, Every 40 seconds one person dies by suicide. That translates to 800,000 deaths annually.”

“In the U.S., suicide is the second leading cause of death for people age 10 thru 34.”

“In 2019, there were an estimated 1.38 million suicide attempts in the U.S. resulting in 47,511 deaths.”

“One death occurs for every twenty attempted suicides worldwide”

These statistics indicate that people are crying out for help. So how can educators help?

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

Most people go into teaching to help others. Unfortunately, many teachers give and give without first making sure they have their personal resources in place. The results can be disastrous for teachers, their students, and the other people in their lives. However, by observing some basic principles of self-care, teachers can avoid many of the pitfalls that lure them into overextending themselves and burning out.

Valentine’s Blog Post 2021

Do you remember your first crush? Why were you attracted to them? At the time perhaps it was based on something superficial, or perhaps it related to a character quality that impressed you.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we think about the quality of our romantic relationships. Everyone wants to be loved and to love others as well. 

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