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Summer Plans

If you’re a teacher who is looking for new ideas for those months when you’re not in the classroom, try these five ideas:

Facts About Teachers

We can gain a lot of insight when we consider some of the statistics of our teachers here in the United States. Take a look at these facts from 2023 and see if anything surprises you.

Retirement Advice

Knowing when it is time to retire is not always easy. The following thoughts can help us know when it’s time to retire.

Books with Values

Protecting the innocent is a theme woven throughout the book through the characters.


Having feelings for a coworker isn’t a new problem. But deciding whether to act on these feelings can feel scary. While everyone’s situation is a little different, there are two categories that you should think about before jumping in.

Our teacher read “The Phantom Tollbooth” aloud to our class. Along the way, we gladly used our imaginations and entered into the story. We marveled at the endless wordplay.

A sudden illness or family emergency does not have to disrupt your classroom routine. Simple pre-planning can enable a substitute to step in with ease. Here are ten tips to help your substitute succeed in your absence.

Kid's Slang

With hundreds of students passing you in the school halls, you hear slang much more than parents or other adults. Rather than ignore or reject these new phrases, it’s vital to (at the very least) understand their definitions.

Healthy Families

“It takes a village to raise a child,” says the old African proverb, conveying beliefs we all share. The “village” includes schools, religious organizations, and activities for sports and the arts, but parents are the primary authority in the life of a child.

Conflict Resolution

Our job includes equipping our students with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to resolve social conflicts as they arise.

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