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We’re passionate about providing educational resources for teachers, administrators, counselors, and any other professionals who work in K-12 schools.

In response to requests from national and local ministries of education or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ISP has developed several curricula for your classroom and beyond. Some of these curricula are offered through educational workshops organized by ISP.

DreamMakers-DreamBreakers was created to address the pressing social issues of drug and alcohol abuse, and promiscuity. The stories of three students and their grandmothers are told through the lessons, forming a scarlet thread that holds the curriculum together. The teacher also uses a secret box, taking the letters from the grandmothers and unusual objects out of the box. Convincing stories and vivid characters make lessons interesting and memorable.

No matter what country you live in, popular culture can have a devastating effect on families. As whatever feels good replaces traditional values, parents often feel hopeless, neglecting their leadership in the home. Shaping Your Child’s Future is designed for parents to help restore their authority in the home and give them practical tools to develop their parenting skills.

Tips for Teachers –

Frightened Boy – Traumas of war

Helping Students Cope with the Traumas of War

Helping Students Cope with the Traumas of War Author: Lauren Craft The sound was unforgettable. Zara* was sitting in class listening to her teacher, as she did every day. Then a loud sound pierced her ears as the room shook. The cause was not immediately clear. Panic filled her veins. Students and teachers rushed outside.

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Simple Ways To Blend Moral Values In Your Teaching

Simple Ways to Blend Moral Values in Your Teaching

Simple Ways to Blend Moral Values in Your Teaching Author: Beth Lueders Learning is a process and can truly be a joy of discovery for children of all ages. As a teacher, you have the privilege of directing your students to understand new concepts and facts that they can use for good the rest of their

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Telling Students You Are Leaving

Telling Students You Are Leaving

Ten Ways to Tell Students You’re Leaving Author: Beth Runkle “What, you’re leaving?” my students said. They had a hard time accepting the fact that I would be teaching at another school because my husband’s work had relocated my family. Students who have bonded with a teacher can face real anxiety knowing that their beloved

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Taiwan teachers launch ISP in a new country

Taiwan Teachers Launch ISP in a New Asian Country

Taiwan Teachers Launch ISP in a New Asian Country Author: Rich Atkinson Taiwan’s virtual conference opens a new Asian country for ISP Last summer, a kindergarten teacher from neighboring Asian country attended a virtual DreamMaker Conference in Taiwan. Since then, she has connected with kindergarten teachers all across her country. As a result, Taiwan hosted

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Albania – Marriage Retreat

Building Up Marriages in Albania

Helping Teachers’ Marriages in Albania Author: Rich Atkinson In 2014, the Albanian ISP team began offering events and programs to help teachers with their personal and professional needs. In March, teachers came to one of these events, led by Albanian nationals. Sixty-five couples from seven cities across Albania went to the Mystery & Model (Blueprints) of

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